Reduce Wastage – Freeze Vegetables and Herbs

I hate vegetables going to waste before I have had a chance to use them.

So as to reduce spoilage and save money I often but vegetables when they are in season and freeze them.

I don’t use a lot of celery but it is cheaper to buy a bunch than half a bunch or pieces. So I just cut into pieces ready for use in soups, casseroles and sauces, put in a container or freezer bag and freeze.

This also works well for capsicum and onions.



I have also had success freezing herbs such as thyme and rosemary – just putting the sprigs straight into a bag and freezing them.

You can do the same for parsley too – just chop and put into a bag. Or if you are a bit lazy like me, just pull the leaves off and put them in a bag and freeze. Just before use you can crumple the bag and because the parsley is brittle it will break into smaller pieces so on need for chopping.

I hope this saves you time and money!