Week 2 Review of The Purely Paleo Skincare Challenge Plus Added Bonus – Weight Loss!

Well I had hoped to show you some photos this week of my skin which is HUGELY improved since I first started the challenge but haven’t had a chance to get my friend to take any  and selfie’s just won’t do it justice! As a recap for those who aren’t familiar with what is happening this month I have ditched the hideously expensive store bought cleansers, toners etc etc in favour of the back to basics approach by Liz Wolf of Cave Girl Eats who has recently released a new book Purely Paleo Skincare. There are several tiers to this approach from using basic store bought ingredients to buying ready mixed aromatherapy type based products (which I will be reviewing soon!). I started with the initial basic approach of my good friends coconut oil, witch hazel and rose hip oil – all source easily and cheaply from my nearest chemist and health food store. So onto results…..

I continue to be super happy with how my skin is improving – the redness and scarring from the previous blind pimples are diminished and the coconut and rosehip oil have made my skin softer than it has ever been. Again no new breakouts hooray! Which was suprising as I had a few meals out this week which weren’t 100% Paleo but were acceptable. I am continuing with my evening primrose oil and cod liver oil tablets everyday. I have also found my favourite way to take my Brewer’s Yeast everyday is in a cup of bone broth – this is super yummy and a great breakfast on the go!


The only changes made this week will be that I will be forcing myself to go to bed EARLY! This is extremely important in the Primal/Paleo lifestyle and quality sleep is essential to wellbeing. Although it is difficult to achieve quality sleep with small children in the house I will be in bed by 8.30 -9.00 pm each night. I have often read that the sleep you get before midnight is the most restful, with some quoting than 1 hour sleep before midnight is equal to 2 hours! I do recall on the odd occasion I am in bed early and woken by the kids at 1 or 2 am I do feel like I have had a full nights sleep! Why haven’t I done this earlier in the Challenge you ask? Well I have had visitors and it is a tad rude to skive off early in the evening!



It seems my 2 pooches have no trouble with sleep!

The only other change is adding Borage Oil as my moisturiser rather than Rosehip Oil (or maybe alternating). After doing some more reading in Liz’s guide she recommends Borage Oil for those skin prone to redness, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or acne. I have had rosacea in the past and still have a lot of redness in the chin area from scarring so I will be interested to see how the Borage Oil helps. None of the health food stores I went to carried it in liquid form but I am waiting for some to arrive in the mail from a Melbourne based business called Health & Happiness.

The Borage plant

Well that is about all for this weeks update. The only other thing to mention is that by returning to my strict Paleo diet I have lost 2 kg (almost 4.5 pounds for my US friends) in the last 2 weeks, this is without any form of exercise other than a Reformer Pilates class! I just want to say now that I do not follow the Paleo Diet as a weight loss tool but it is amazing to see the kilos drop off once you lose dairy, sugar and grains from your diet. I really don’t need to lose any weight, there is not much of me as I stand only 5 feet 2 inches! but I am happy with this little loss as I have really been unable to exercise since I had both my feet operated on last October for bunions so it has taken a bit of the tightness out of some of my clothes!

I did mean also to post another weeks worth of Paleo meal planning today but I am writing a guest article for another site so as soon as that gets done I will put one up.



PS. if you are looking to get your hands on a copy of Liz’s guide hang in there as I will be giving away a copy soon!

Bi-Carbonate of Soda + Salt = Clean Sink

You don’t need fancy cleaning products to clean your home. I remember spending many a day helping my grandmother clean with basic material that you find in your pantry – lemons, bi-carbonate of soda, salt, and vinegar.

When it comes to cleaning most things bi-carbonate of soda comes out on top.

Tonight I looked at my kitchen sink and realised it was looking a bit ordinary.

So all I did was sprinkled some bi-carb in and some ordinary old cooking salt (coarse kind) and just rubbed with a damp cloth. With a little elbow grease I was all done…


So give it a try….why waste money on expensive cleaning materials that are made up of who know’s what when simple methods and simple materials work wonders!


PS: I also use this technique to clean my shower 😀

Thrifty Fashion – Savers, The Recycle Superstore

Well today I got a short notice invitation to join my lovely friend Jessie on a shopping expedition to Savers in Footscray.

I hadn’t been for a month so I figured I was due for my Savers fix. I usually go with a distinct idea of what I want to buy otherwise you could spend hours in there getting sidetracked. With the cold weather upon us I decided that more woollens were on the list. I am also quite picky as well. I won’t choose “cheap” brands for example Target or Cotton On as would rather pay a little more and get an item that is well made, good quality material and that has a “timelessness” about it.

Not only do they have clothes but books, furniture, linen, toys….you name it they probably have it!

So these were today’s purchases…

1. 6 retro coffee mugs  49c each- my mum had a set of these when I was a kid and I just had to buy them!

2. Enid Blyton Childrens book 99c – my daughter is loving reading the The Magic Faraway Tree at school so I grabbed this to read at home.

3. Poplular Mechanic “Do-It-Yourself Encylopedia Printed 1968 $3.99 – A how to manual from topics such as sanding to how to make your own banjo! So cute and retro!

4. The Classic Techniques – The Art of Sewing $3.99 – educating you on enduring style, basic pattern making, alteration and “high end” knitting and crochet!

5. Purple Wool Skirt – %50 wool with matching belt.  A steal at $5.99

6. Brown Velour Jacket – vintage and in great condition – $7.99

7. Green corduroy boys trousers – Seed brand  – small hole on one knee but easily repaired – $ 3.99

8. Ripe Maternity Trousers – for a pregnant friend – $7.99

9. Grey Wrap Skirt – great for work with lovely side pleat detail – $ 5.99

10. Light Brown Jumper – 29% lambswool, 8 % cashmere & 8% angora – super snuggly and warm – $6.99

11. Pale Purple Jumper – 80% angora – absolutely gorgeous – $7.99

12. Olive Green Jumper – lovely side button details – $ 5.99

13. 1 1/2 metres of yellow gingham material – will make a cute vintage summer shirt – $2.99

14. 2 metres of Pink and white plaid material – for a lovely winter skirt – $3.99

15. 2 metres of 150cm wide stretch purple/pink material – for maybe a nice winter dress – $5.99

16. Toy dump truck – for my little boy! Battery operated and still works! – $1.99

17. Bloch tap shoes – way too big for my daughter but I could’t resist buying them for her when they are the bargain price of $12.99

So all this for only $94 ……would hate to pay full price for any of these item!

And one last thing – my Thrifty Fashion outfit for today….

  • black cardigan from Savers $5,
  •  the skirt was a gift from my friend Jessie, purchased op shopping in country Victoria for a big 50 cents!
  • again my favourite brown boots from the Take 2 Markets $50

So get to your nearest Savers or op shop and bag yourself a bargain!


Bi-Carbonate of Soda – My Top Ten Uses Around the House

I LOVE bi-carb soda – it is pretty much my go to cleaner around the house.

What is it? 

The knowledgable Wikipedia tells us that sodium bicarbonate or sodium hydrogen carbonate is the chemical compound with the formula NaHCO3. Sodium bicarbonate is a white solid that is crystalline but often appears as a fine powder. It has a slightly salty, alkaline taste resembling that of washing soda (sodium carbonate). The natural mineral form is nahcolite. It is a component of the mineral natron and is found dissolved in many mineral springs.

Since it has long been known and is widely used, the salt has many related names such as baking sodabread sodacooking soda, and bicarbonate of soda. In colloquial usage, its name is shortened to sodium bicarbbicarb soda, or simplybicarb. The word saleratus, from Latin sal æratus meaning aerated salt, was widely used in the 19th century for both sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate. The term has now fallen out of common usage.

Where do you buy it?

Bi-carb is found in the bakery section of the supermarket. I tend to by McKenzies brand rather than home brand version as I think it is better.

I have noticed in the cleaning aisle of the supermarkets they are selling “cleaning bi-carb”….this is nothing special or different to the ordinary so don’t waste your money on it!

Note that bi-carb has a limited shelf life so don’t buy too much as it will become inactive if not used within a specified period (some have used by dates on them).

  1.  Odour neutraliser – smelly fridges, cars, kitty litter, stinky shoes – the list goes on. In fridges add a container with bi-carb and place in it absorb smells. Sprinkle a layer of bi-carb the bottom of a cat litter tray before putting down fresh litter. Also to keep the smell under control you can put a little on the surface to absorb the smell in between litter changes. Sprinkle in shoes over night to absorb odours…..the list goes on!
  2. Stainless steel cleaner – quite a while ago I ran out of the store bought stainless steel cleaner for my saucepans. Not only is it not really cheap to buy, I kept forgetting to buy it. So instead you can sprinkle in some bi-carb and using a damp cloth polish and then rinse.
  3. Tea/coffee stains and brightening old crockery – put some in the stained cup, plate etc and polish with a damp cloth and rinse. I recently bought some antique crockery that looked pretty ordinary but polished up amazingly doing this.
  4. Scouring – for baked on food on plates, dishes etc wet the dish, sprinkle on some bi-carb and some cooking salt and wipe clean. No need for steel wool or scouring pads any more!
  5. Stain removal on benches – for wine stains etc on laminex benches or to give them a general brighten up – sprinkle bench with bi carb – spray on some vinegar and then wipe down. Wipe with a fresh clean cloth.
  6. Grease/oil removal from washing – if you have grease stains/oil spit marks on clothes, bi-carb is brilliant for lifting oil and grease. For a general wash of greasy/oily clothes just add a cup of bi-carb to the wash. IF you have stain marks – make a paste of bi0carb and water – put paste on the stain and leave for a few minutes before washing as normal.
  7. Fabric softener – normal store bought fabric softener can cause a greasy build up in the machine. To make your own fabric softener that cleans your machine while you use it you can do either of the following: in an empty container add 1 litre of water and 1 cup of bi-carb – shake before you use – adding about 1/4 cup for front loaders and 1/2 a cup for top loaders. Alternatively you can mix 1/2 a cup of bi-carb with 1/2 a cup of vinegar (be careful it will fizz and may overflow) and then 2 cups of water. Add the same amount as described for the previous mix. You can also add 5 drops of your favourite essential oil if you like.
  8. Cleaning grout – to clean shower/tile grout make a paste of water and bi-carb and apply with a old toothbrush – scrub and then rinse off with clean water.
  9. Ingredient in home made washing powder click here to go to the recipe
  10. Cleaning shower glass – put some bi-carb in a container and dip a damp cloth into it. Wipe down shower glass and rinse.

I would love to hear if you have any great tips for using bi-carb around the house!


Off to Work – Thrifty Fashion

Well it was off to work today for me, I work casually as a sonographer (ultrasound!) so I don’t have a work uniform as such. So today I put together a few of my favourite bargain buys from the last couple of op shop & second hand fashion fairs.

So these are the pieces that I have loved wearing today…

Brown Leather Boots

I picked these up at the Take 2 Markets in Geelong a couple of months ago…perfect fit, in almost brand new condition….a bargain at $50!

Innovare Cardigan

This is 100% WOOL and it is lovely to wear. I picked it up at Savers in Footscray for a big $6!

Wool Skirt

This skirt is vintage 100% Scottish wool and is SO warm. I picked this up from Savers also for $5!


So a grand total of $62 I have a super warm and comfy outfit…and this is how it looked all together (plus my dog Ellie in the background!!)