Closing Blog Post


thank you

It is with great regret I write this blog post.

After much deliberation I have decided to stop blogging and close this blog and the associated facebook pages.

As much as I love blogging, connecting with people and sharing information I have found that at this time I just don’t have the time or the energy to continue doing so. My kids are growing up so quickly and in addition working part time and running a household leave very little hours in the week to devote to others things.

I would like to thank everyone that has contributed to the blog, be it through comments, feedback or simply following it. I would also like to thank the lovely businesses that have supported me and I wish them every success in the future.

So, once again, thank you so much,





Do Our Kids Have Too Many Toys?


Coming up to Christmas I had a number of conversations with other mums and dads about toys and the sheer number of toys are kids seen to have nowadays. Most of us seemed to recollect “back in OUR day” that we didn’t have boxes of toys and it also common that most of us didn’t have toys in our bedrooms.
In my case, as one of three girls from a family with not much money, most of our toys were shared toys and toys only ever appeared at Christmas or on one’s birthday.

This is in stark contrast to my own children’s toy “experience”. A trip to the shopping centre at any given time may yield another small car or train, book or a miniature My Little Pony.

But is this “excess” creating a generation of children that don’t appreciate toys and will this lead to more far reaching consequences?

As we lamented the “good old days” we decided the reason for this toy “excess” was the price of toys. When we were kids toys were expensive. A Barbie was at least $30 and a Cabbage Patch doll was about $70 if I remember correctly. Walk into any store now and toys and books are in comparison ridiculously cheap. By the time we know it, a lousy $5 or $10 here and there leads to an ever growing mountain of toys, most of which may go unplayed with for any length of time.

So what now? Well my action plan started today whilst shopping for a birthday gift for a friends child. I picked up a My Little Pony first reader book. I looked at the price…..$4….BARGAIN….”my daughter will love it, plus she will read it…”. STOP RIGHT THERE….. I put the book down. Thought about it again. She has plenty of books, some she still hasn’t opened, yes she would love it but hey does she really NEED it? No….so I walked away without the book.

So I saved $4, had one less item in the book collection and I feel happy with that. The next thing on the action list is a toy cull. All outdated toys will go. Those that are kept will go into storage containers and be rotated.

At the end of the day, I love my kids, and yes I want them to have the things I never had as a child but I think it is time to tame the toy “excess” of my children’s generation sooner rather than later!


A Lesson In Self Restraint – A Visit To L’Uccello Vintage Haberdashery Store

Well today was a real test for me….that is in the fabric department!

Earlier in the week I managed to survive a trip to Spotlight, the first since my self imposed twelve month ban on fabric purchases, walking away with only some curtain backing a darning needle and a some fabric stabiliser.

I decided the ultimate challenge would be to go to not only Tessuti Fabrics but L’Uccello Vintage Haberdashery , whose blog I’d been drooling over for nearly 12 months but had yet managed to make it to their shop.

Well, I was not disappointed by L’Uccello Vintage Haberdashery….vintage French spools of cotton twine and silk thread, vintage buttons galore, Parisian inspired home wares, the list goes on…. It was absolutely beautiful and there was also a gorgeous range of Liberty of London and Moda fabric.

Beautiful vintage buttons!

Fortunately for my bank balance I was on my best behaviour and managed to get out the door with only two sets of vintage buttons and some bias tape for projects I am currently working on.

My lovely purchases

The bonus for me also was the store was right above one of my favourite vintage/retro stores Retrostar who have a huge range of mens and womens vintage clothing and accessories.

Just some of the collection at Retrostar!

So if you are in Melbourne city be sure to check out L’Uccello Vinatge Haberdashery – you wont be disappointed. For those who can’t make the trek keep an eye on their blog as they will be opening an online soon in the near future.

L’uccello is in room 5 on
the second floor, enter via
Cathedral Arcade 

near the corner of Swanston St
& Flinders Lane.
ph: 9639 0088


Bunion Operations = Sewing, Sewing and More Sewing!

Four weeks ago today I had both feet operated on. I was cursed with the hereditary condition of bunions – those horrid bony bumpy bits on the inside of your feet at the big toe.

Bunion – not mine!!

Not only do they look horrible but they are terribly painful and finding shoes to fit becomes a monumental task. I had been importing my shoes from the US as they were a wider fit.

My left foot had been giving me pain for over 10 years but my right foot was on the way to causing me serious grief so I decided to have booth feet fixed at the same time.

My pre-op xray of my left foot

To have both done at the same time was a huge undertaking, especially as I have a 2 and a 5 year old. However with some brilliant help from my husband and some extremely generous friends it went really smoothly.

Left foot during operation

Right foot during operation

The operation is not pleasant  – for anyone wanting to watch an animation of how they repair bunions click here.

For  3 weeks I was bed/couch bound which was both frustrating and kind of nice not to HAVE to do anything. I read books, watched episodes of Mad Men, Rake, and Jack Irish, knitted etc. Fortunately for me I have a sewing machine that you can operate without a foot pedal so for the last week  have been perched at the kitchen table with my feet on a chair and cushions sewing my little heart out. The result has been in a week I made 2 blouses, a skirt, and 2 circle skirts for my daughter as well as doing a dress alteration for a friend of mine. I will post pictures of these projects shortly and I will be doing a sew along photo tutorial of how to make a circle skirt in the next couple of weeks.

Well, I must go and put my feet up and get sewing (again 😉 ).



The Great Fabric Stash Challenge – Are You Ready?

Well I have set myself a challenge……the first rule of which shall be:

Thou shalt not purchase fabric for 12 months. 

Since I started sewing again 12 months ago (I had not sewn since high school which has been quite a while 😉 ) I have managed to amass a ridiculous amount of material in that time.

In the beginning the purchases started as normal ie. find a pattern buy the amount of fabric required and proceed to start project. But somehow, we slip from the straightforward project purchase into the “OMG I LOVE that fabric – I don’t know what would make with that, but gee I just can’t leave without getting some” or even worse ” I can’t believe how cheap that fabric is – I would be crazy to pass that such a bargain”. In this case it inevitably leads to you going to the counter and muttering the words “Just give me whats left on the roll!”.

I have recently been bed/couch bound for the last 3 weeks due to operations on both feet and thus had been contemplating my ever growing stash of fabric and wondering where I could store (hide!) it. There is no more room room for tubs under my bed. There is a stack of storage tubs hidden behind one of the chairs in our lounge room……things were getting dire!

So I have resolved to challenge myself to use as much of my fabric as I can within the next 12 months. So I began the task of sorting out fabric and patterns.

1. First I looked at my patterns and worked out how much fabric was required for each and put them into bundles of 1-2 metres, 2-3 metres etc.

2. Then I measured and tagged each piece of fabric. I marked on my kitchen table with painter tape 0.5 and 1 metre so I could sit and measure each piece.

Then I wrote on the painters tape the size of the piece of fabric and stuck it to the fabric.

Some of my lovely Joel Dewberry fabric!

3. Then I organised the pieces into piles of 1 metre or less, 1-2 metres, 2-3 metres, 3-4 metres and 4-5+ metres and put them into storage tubs.

Just a sample of the stash!!

Finally organised – with an awful lot of fabric crammed into them!

So what now?



1. No fabric purchases as described earlier.

2. Lining material, interfacing or notions (buttons, zippers etc) may be purchased.


I plan to use up some of the larger fabric pieces first –  I already have some Vintage Vogue patterns lined up for them….


So this is just a sneak peak at my stash and plans.

Feel free to join my challenge and email me pics and  details of your stash projects so we can make a dent in the stash!