Thrifty Fashion – Savers, The Recycle Superstore

Well today I got a short notice invitation to join my lovely friend Jessie on a shopping expedition to Savers in Footscray.

I hadn’t been for a month so I figured I was due for my Savers fix. I usually go with a distinct idea of what I want to buy otherwise you could spend hours in there getting sidetracked. With the cold weather upon us I decided that more woollens were on the list. I am also quite picky as well. I won’t choose “cheap” brands for example Target or Cotton On as would rather pay a little more and get an item that is well made, good quality material and that has a “timelessness” about it.

Not only do they have clothes but books, furniture, linen, toys….you name it they probably have it!

So these were today’s purchases…

1. 6 retro coffee mugs  49c each- my mum had a set of these when I was a kid and I just had to buy them!

2. Enid Blyton Childrens book 99c – my daughter is loving reading the The Magic Faraway Tree at school so I grabbed this to read at home.

3. Poplular Mechanic “Do-It-Yourself Encylopedia Printed 1968 $3.99 – A how to manual from topics such as sanding to how to make your own banjo! So cute and retro!

4. The Classic Techniques – The Art of Sewing $3.99 – educating you on enduring style, basic pattern making, alteration and “high end” knitting and crochet!

5. Purple Wool Skirt – %50 wool with matching belt.  A steal at $5.99

6. Brown Velour Jacket – vintage and in great condition – $7.99

7. Green corduroy boys trousers – Seed brand  – small hole on one knee but easily repaired – $ 3.99

8. Ripe Maternity Trousers – for a pregnant friend – $7.99

9. Grey Wrap Skirt – great for work with lovely side pleat detail – $ 5.99

10. Light Brown Jumper – 29% lambswool, 8 % cashmere & 8% angora – super snuggly and warm – $6.99

11. Pale Purple Jumper – 80% angora – absolutely gorgeous – $7.99

12. Olive Green Jumper – lovely side button details – $ 5.99

13. 1 1/2 metres of yellow gingham material – will make a cute vintage summer shirt – $2.99

14. 2 metres of Pink and white plaid material – for a lovely winter skirt – $3.99

15. 2 metres of 150cm wide stretch purple/pink material – for maybe a nice winter dress – $5.99

16. Toy dump truck – for my little boy! Battery operated and still works! – $1.99

17. Bloch tap shoes – way too big for my daughter but I could’t resist buying them for her when they are the bargain price of $12.99

So all this for only $94 ……would hate to pay full price for any of these item!

And one last thing – my Thrifty Fashion outfit for today….

  • black cardigan from Savers $5,
  •  the skirt was a gift from my friend Jessie, purchased op shopping in country Victoria for a big 50 cents!
  • again my favourite brown boots from the Take 2 Markets $50

So get to your nearest Savers or op shop and bag yourself a bargain!


Off to Work – Thrifty Fashion

Well it was off to work today for me, I work casually as a sonographer (ultrasound!) so I don’t have a work uniform as such. So today I put together a few of my favourite bargain buys from the last couple of op shop & second hand fashion fairs.

So these are the pieces that I have loved wearing today…

Brown Leather Boots

I picked these up at the Take 2 Markets in Geelong a couple of months ago…perfect fit, in almost brand new condition….a bargain at $50!

Innovare Cardigan

This is 100% WOOL and it is lovely to wear. I picked it up at Savers in Footscray for a big $6!

Wool Skirt

This skirt is vintage 100% Scottish wool and is SO warm. I picked this up from Savers also for $5!


So a grand total of $62 I have a super warm and comfy outfit…and this is how it looked all together (plus my dog Ellie in the background!!)


Thrifty Finds – Fashion on a Budget

I have never been known for my sense of style or fashion and admittedly I have struggled to find a “style” that suited my personality and that I felt comfortable in.

Coming from a small country town and from a family where finances were tight I was often dressed in hand me downs (sometimes from my mums friends son!!) or “pre-loved” items. Living on a farm I lived in jeans and my attire was more “tom boy” than little girl. As I got older and left home I tried different looks to try and “fit in” whilst at university but I never felt that anything really suited me and because of my upbringing I shunned opportunity(op) shops or pre-loved clothes.

However the last 6 months has seen me rediscover the world of second hand clothes, especially those with a vintage feel to them. I am very picky with my purchases and look for good quality, well made articles that will last.

So although I am no fashionista I have decided to share a few of my finds and where I purchased them so you may also be able to find something that suits your taste AND budget.

So today this is what I am wearing…(sorry about the photo quality!)

I LOVE this skirt. It is Ralph Lauren and has the most amazing panels in it and cute pockets on the sides. I picked this up for $39 from Diamond Dog Vintage in Seddon, Melbourne.

The 3/4 cardigan I picked up from Savers in Brunswick, Melbourne for $5.

So for the grand sum of $44 I have a great outfit that I love to wear!

Would love to hear about your favourite bargain buy and where you got it!