Nifty Tip – Removing Permanent Marker

Well, whilst my mother in law had her back turned one morning my darling 2 year old boy somehow managed to find a permanent marker and play Picasso on my wall, sewing table and my leather couch.

Thankfully, through numerous posts over the last 2 years on Nifty Mums asking how to remove this sort of thing I stumbled across the answer……


Simply spray onto the surface and wipe with a clean cloth – works a treat!!

Linda 🙂 

Toy Boxes – Storage Solutions

I have some Ikea storage units that you can put boxes into but I haven’t had a chance to get some more boxes to tidy the kids room and organise it. So I decided to use some boxes that I had that were fairly sturdy in the interim.

I downloaded and printed out images of my daughters toy collections e.g. Barbie, My Little Pony, Tree Tots, Toy Story and stuck them on the outside of the boxes with contact. So now her collections have a home. She knows exactly what goes in each box by using the pictures. Makes tidying so much quicker!


Directional Cleaning – My Plan of Attack

Well today is one of those blissful child free days where after daycare and school drop off I race home to attack the housework list. I read a pin on Pinterest recently that said “Cleaning the house with children around is like shovelling snow in a  snowstorm! SO true!

The way in which approach this is to tackle only ONE room a day. To try and do too much or multi task only sees me running around like a headless chicken achieving half of what I’d hoped and inevitably walking into a room only to find myself asking the question “Now why did I come in here?”.

So once I have established the target I have found the only way I don’t move crap from one place to the other is to use “directional” cleaning….put simply you start at one spot in the room and the move in a clock wise (or anticlockwise if you feel the need!) from that point until you finish back at that point. By doing this I find that all the crap, toys, rubbish, unfolded clothes etc end are moved to the end point in usually a clothes basket for example which them I can pick up and drop into the appropriate places e.g. the bin, child no 2’s room etc.

So for example in the picture below I would start at the end of the bench, which by the way is the dumping ground for everything in my house, mail, bags etc, and then move anticlockwise so all dishes end up in the sink & dishwasher. Any clean dishes are packed away etc so by the time I get to the left of the picture everything should be with put away in a kitchen cupboard or in a basket to rehome or bin.

I hope this helps – it has helped me immensely and stopped me walking around in circles!

Mopping Floors Chemical Free

NIFTY TIP – we love vinegar for mopping the floor. It cuts through grease and has no lingering chemicals on the floor especially when littlies are crawling around on it.

Just add 1 cup of vinegar to a bucket of hot water – you can add a few drops of essential oil if you like (I use eucalyptus) but the vinegar smell will disipate in a couple of minutes.

Nifty Cleaners

Well, I don’t consider myself a “greenie” or overly environmentally conscious although I am now proud to say that all my cosmetics and body care products are organic /“natural” as are the kids. This has been a by product of my tendency towards returning to the “old fashioned” cleaning methods of my grandmother & mother.  After finishing maternity leave after my second child was born and for the first time being a true SAHM and a one income family I started trying to save money on the grocery bills by making and using home made cleaning products. I scoured the hardware stores and supermarkets to figure out where I could by things like Borax and Lectric (washing) soda, stocked the cupboard with vinegar and bi carbonate of soda and got cracking (much to the dismay of my husband!!). I can’t remember  the last time I purchased store bought washing powder, fabric softener or cleaning products and have saved a small fortune in doing so. The great thing is – it is SO easy to do and it is quite rewarding at the same time to save money and realise that it is also better my family. So I thought I would share a few of my core cleaning ingredients, what I use them for and where to get them.

Vinegar – well we all know where to get it! I by mine in bulk from Costco ($5 litres for about $5) Uses – rinse aid for dishes, fabric softener, glass and mirror cleaner, general purpose spay cleaner to name a few.

Bi carbonate of soda– again – you know where to get it. I tend to by McKenzies brand rather than home brand version as I think it is better. Also it does have a use by date so don’t buy too much as it will become inactive if not used before this. Uses – fabric softener, odour neutraliser, bleach/whitener, ingredient in home made laundry powder, stainless steel cleaner, mild abrasive cleaner……

Borax (sodium borate) – borax is a natural mineral compound and has numerous industrial purposes but can be used around the home. It is safe for use with septic systems. You can purchase it for about $7 from Bunnings, but I have also seen small containers at IGA & Coles but these are more expensive. Uses – natural laundry booster, multipurpose cleaner, fungicide, preservative, insecticide, herbicide, disinfectant……

Lectric Soda (washing soda) – or sodium carbonate is extracted from the ash of many plants and can be made synthetically from table salt. It is a white powder as compared to the Lectric soda crystals that are used for bath soaks etc. Most supermarkets stock this in the laundry aisle. It is also septic system safe. Uses – clothing stain removal, ingredient in home made laundry powder, general purpose cleaner, insecticide…… There are a number of other day to day household ingredients that I use but I hope this might inspire you to look for and try some of these.Uses – clothing stain removal, ingredient in home made laundry powder, general purpose cleaner, insecticide……

There are a number of other day to day household ingredients that I use but I hope this might inspire you to look for and try some of these.