Nifty Product – Tranquil Home Waterproof and Washable Spillmats

Firstly a very Happy Easter to those who celebrate it. We have a few Easter eggs for the kids but I have never really liked Easter eggs so even though they are a no go on the Paleo Diet it doesn’t worry me anyway!

I have a fabulous nifty product to share today, especially if you have little ones that love play dough, painting and generally making a mess. I had been using a main stream brand PVC spill mat for activities that create mess but because they were plastic they were annoying to clean, folding them up just made them split and tear and they ended up looking tatty and grotty.

Recently I was lucky enough to come across the Tranquil Home range of products. They make kids spillmats, smocks, placemats and more from tough laminated cotton that is waterproof and machine washable – so when dirty just throw it in the washing machine!

The fabric is BPA and PVC free so contains no nasties. They also come in a range of designer prints too which are super cute.

Being a holiday today both of the kids are home so what better time to have some play dough fun! I had made several different colour doughs using the Thermomix EDC cookbook.


Play dough is serious work!


I love the cute owl print on the mat!


Woven cotton backing is super soft and stops the mat from slipping


Folds neatly!

Another thing I love about this mat is because it has a woven cotton backing it tends to grip to our table and not slide all over the place like the PVC ones and as it has a little weight to it is sits nicely and doesn’t kink up.

So if you are in need of some crafty supplies for your littlies check out Tranquil Home – not only are they a fantastic product they are also handmade by an Australian mum!



Nifty Things – Sleepy Wings for Babies

A patient of mine (I do ultrasound) told me the other day she was having real difficulties getting her baby to sleep in the heat because she liked to be wrapped/swaddled. So I suggested she try out Sleepy Wings.

Sleepy Wings allow babies to feel wrapped but without them having to be entirely covered, thus allowing the body and chest to remain cool.


The unique design of Sleepy Wings means:

  • They can be worn during feeds
  • Stop babies scratching, especially those with ezcema
  • Allows for babies to retrieve their dummies/pacifiers
  • Great for all seasons

These are a great invention by a great Australian mumpreneur, who I have had the lovely pleasure of meeting 🙂

So if you are struggling with sleep issues, this may be the answer!


Nifty Things – Sock Ons for Babies

One of the reasons I started my Facebook page for mums (Nifty Mums Network) was to share products and tips that I thought made my life easier as a mum. One of my favourite products that I loved when I had my second child was Sock Ons.


Sock Ons are clever little things that keep babies socks on. The garment is worn over the sock and ‘locks’ it into place.  So no more loosing socks at the shopping centre!! Bubs are unable to kick or pull them off .

When I used them for my son they were only available in newborn size – but now have a larger size for 6-12 mths.

Sock Ons are available to purchase online from Outlook Australia.


A Wee Problem – Finally A Solution!

We have been having a “wee” problem with our almost six year old daughter for nearly six months now. She has been toilet trained since the age of three, has no accidents at night but our problem is not “going” when she needs to “go”.

We have no problems when she is at home with us but when she has friends over, goes to a friends house or sometimes at school she forgets herself, getting so engrossed with play she ignores the urge to go to the toilet and so the march to the laundry begins.

At first we did all the things a parent is supposed to do…we stayed calm, not making a big deal of it and reiterating over and over again….”go to the toilet when you need to go”. As the weeks, months dragged on our frustration grew and we tried a number of different approaches to try and win the wee battle. We tried reward charts, which worked for a week or so and then the novelty wore off. We tried taking her collection of My Little Ponies away for a week, she was fine until she got them back and we were back to square one. In desperation my husband cleared her whole room of toys, not one remained on the shelves – it did look very grim. Still no luck.

Four weeks ago we saw red after having wet herself whilst playing with a friend she tried to sneak her underwear into the washing pile and I caught her. My husband wondered whether she needed to see a doctor, I said no as it was quite clear to me it was a matter of paying attention not physiological as she had no problems at night. We were at the end of our tether so we sat her down and put it bluntly to her  that if she kept this up no one would want to play with her or have her at their house if she had accidents. We explained that wetting ones pants was not what big people do. Then we decided to hit her where it hurt – no play dates for two weeks.

Over the space of the next two weeks she was invited to friends places and she had to tell them that she couldn’t go. She asked for friends to come over, the “no” answer did not go down well but we reminded her that these were the consequences.

Well we seem to have hit the jackpot with this tactic. It appears that not getting what you want and being denied the opportunity to play with her friends struck a chord. We have had no accidents for almost a month now and she tells me the reasons why she is going to the toilet “not to have an accident and because no accidents means I can play with my friends”.

So finally it appears we have this issue sorted….no I just have to toilet train child number two!


Toy Boxes – Storage Solutions

I have some Ikea storage units that you can put boxes into but I haven’t had a chance to get some more boxes to tidy the kids room and organise it. So I decided to use some boxes that I had that were fairly sturdy in the interim.

I downloaded and printed out images of my daughters toy collections e.g. Barbie, My Little Pony, Tree Tots, Toy Story and stuck them on the outside of the boxes with contact. So now her collections have a home. She knows exactly what goes in each box by using the pictures. Makes tidying so much quicker!