Nifty Product – Tranquil Home Waterproof and Washable Spillmats

Firstly a very Happy Easter to those who celebrate it. We have a few Easter eggs for the kids but I have never really liked Easter eggs so even though they are a no go on the Paleo Diet it doesn’t worry me anyway!

I have a fabulous nifty product to share today, especially if you have little ones that love play dough, painting and generally making a mess. I had been using a main stream brand PVC spill mat for activities that create mess but because they were plastic they were annoying to clean, folding them up just made them split and tear and they ended up looking tatty and grotty.

Recently I was lucky enough to come across the Tranquil Home range of products. They make kids spillmats, smocks, placemats and more from tough laminated cotton that is waterproof and machine washable – so when dirty just throw it in the washing machine!

The fabric is BPA and PVC free so contains no nasties. They also come in a range of designer prints too which are super cute.

Being a holiday today both of the kids are home so what better time to have some play dough fun! I had made several different colour doughs using the Thermomix EDC cookbook.


Play dough is serious work!


I love the cute owl print on the mat!


Woven cotton backing is super soft and stops the mat from slipping


Folds neatly!

Another thing I love about this mat is because it has a woven cotton backing it tends to grip to our table and not slide all over the place like the PVC ones and as it has a little weight to it is sits nicely and doesn’t kink up.

So if you are in need of some crafty supplies for your littlies check out Tranquil Home – not only are they a fantastic product they are also handmade by an Australian mum!



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