Paleo Thermomix Cauliflower Pizza Base

I had been looking at cauliflower pizza base recipes for a while and I have finally made one in the Thermy….so without any further delay


  •  1/2 a head of cauliflower
  • 1 egg
  • 50 g of good quality mozzarella cheese
  • 1/2 tspn of dried oregano or herb of your choice
  • salt and pepper to taste


Pre-heat oven to 180 deg C

Break the cauliflower head into florets and put into the TM bowl – on closed lid pulse on Tubro 2-3 times till cauliflower resembles crumbs

IMG_4877 IMG_4878

Place the cauli crumbs in a microwave safe bowl with a lid and microwave on HIGH for 6-8 min (depending on the power of your microwave) – there is no need to add water

Allow to cool on the bench for 5 mins or so.

Add the cauli crumbs back to the TM bowl and add remaining ingredients – on closed lid Knead for 10-15 secs to incorporate ingredients – you may have to scrape down sides of bowl mid way through.


Spread mix out onto a baking tray that is lined with baking paper – I used my Simply Magic liner for this. I made 2 medium pizzas with this batch.

Cook for approx 10 min until golden.


Then top with your favourite toppings and cook.

For my first pizza I topped it with passata, home grown basil and mozzarella.



The second pizza I topped with caramelised onion and roast lamb topping – which I will post the recipe for shortly 😀




  1. Any idea for a good diary-free mozzarella substitute?

    • niftylinda says:

      Hi Aga G. – someone else asked this of me recently and I think the cheese works to bind it together so I’d say remove the cheese and use another egg in the mix instead. 😀

  2. What a great idea! Cant wait to try it. Is the base dry enough to be picked up or is it best eaten with knife and fork?

    • niftylinda says:

      Hi Jean, it all stays together nicely but I ate mine with a fork as it is still quite moist towards the centre…didn’t worry me though!!


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