Purely Paleo Skincare Challenge

Well today is day one of my Purely Paleo Skincare Challenge and I can’t wait to see the results.
I have really been struggling with my skin for the past 5 years. I have had constant blind pimples on my chin which no skin care regime has seemed to cure. I have tried Proactiv, Dermalogica, and numerous organic facial cleansing systems. I reacted badly to Proactiv – resulting in burnt skin. I have parted with serious $$$$ in the quest for clear skin and sadly nothing has worked. I have also gone down the medication route being put on a number of drugs and creams which worked for a short time only to see the problem recur after ceasing the course of antibiotics.

Quite frankly I am over spending my hard earned dollars and still being embarrassed of my skin.

When I started the Paleo Diet last year one of the first things I noticed was an improvement in my skin so immediately I realised that what I put into my body affected my skin. Luckily for me a couple of weeks ago I stumbled across the Skintervention Guide by the fabulous Liz Wolfe of Cave Girl Eats  which takes the principles of Paleo eating and couples them with back to basics skin care. When I say back to basics I am talking my favourite things coconut oil, apple cider vinegar and bi carbonate of soda, just to name a few. The Skintervention Guide is a downloadable e-book, which I love, as I had access to it straight away, no waiting on snail mail to deliver it to me, especially as I am in Australia and most Paleo resources come from the States and seem to take forever!

The Skintervention Guide – Purely Paleo Skincare – ebook

So for the month of February I will be following Liz’s guide to beautiful, healthy skin and as we travel along I will share some of the principles along the way – resources and super foods for your skin.

So here are some  photos I had taken yesterday to track my progress for the month….no  makeup – à la natural

IMG_4647 IMG_4648

So, here’s looking forward to much better skin at the end of February 😀



  1. Well done, it will be so interesting to see how it works out 🙂

  2. Hey Linda, looking forward to following along with you. I got my Practical Paleo book 2 days ago and I am loving it!!!

  3. niftylinda says:

    Thanks palomino72…will definitely be interesting 😀

  4. her book sounds really interesting, I’ll look forward to seeing your progress 🙂

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