My Pin-Up and Vintage Glamour Photography with Helen McLean

Let it be said now that I HATE having my photo taken. I have never thought of myself as overly photogenic and thus whenever the cameras came out at a function or in general I would usually disappear! A few years ago when my husband was deployed overseas I decided to have a photo session to try and get over my photo phobia but as it drew nearer it just didn’t feel and I ended up cancelling it. After moving to Melbourne I stumbled across the photography of Helen McLean and immediately fell in love with her images, flirty retro pin up and fabulous vintage glamour – now this was my idea of photography!

As I rediscovered my love for all things vintage and retro I decided that I had to do a photo session with Helen. So whilst my husband was away on another overseas  deployment I arranged to have a photo session with Helen and give this to my husband as a welcome home present on his return.

After my initial meeting with Helen to discuss wardrobe, Helen has an extensive wardrobe for you to choose from for your desired style of session, and styling I was super excited about the upcoming session. I was also super excited to meet Candice DeVille (aka Super Kawaii Mama) who does hair and make up for Helen’s photography sessions. I am a huge fan of Candice’s blog which has many video tutorials on vintage styling, hair and makeup so couldn’t wait for her to wave her vintage glamour my way!


The amazing Candice DeVille

When the day arrived I was almost beside myself with excitement. The photo session was a breeze. It was fun, super easy, Helen’s direction was brilliant and we moved through our different outfits and styles seamlessly. Who knew having your photo taken could be so enjoyable?


We forgot to do a before pic on the day but this was a photo my 5 year old took not long before the photo shoot!

The finished result was amazing…..trying to pick which images I wanted printed turned out to be difficult as there were so many great images but the following were my selection.

LindaB May12_0051

LindaB May12_0123

LindaB May12_0143

LindaB May12_0129

LindaB May12_0144

LindaB May12_0079

LindaB May12_0080

LindaB May12_0073

LindaB May12_0064

LindaB May12_0084

I am super proud of these photos – both Candice and Helen did an amazing job transforming me from mum of 2 into a 1940-50s pin up. I can’t recommend Helen and Candice highly enough – for both their professionalism and the quality of their work.

I am already planning my next photo shoot with Helen – this one will be a family session with my husband, kids and our lovely 1953 FJ Holden (pictured below).


So if you were contemplating some vintage or pin up photography be sure to check out Helen McLean Photography.


Helen McLean Photography
107 Blackshaws Road,
Newport, Victoria 3015

Phone: 03 93913111


  1. Wow missy you look fab! I have done this a couple of times, it’s wonderful for your confidence isn’t it?

    • niftylinda says:

      Hi Jemima, it is great isn’t it – thanks for your lovely comment. Not only did I end up looking fab I had a awesome time doing it!

  2. Wow o wow! What a supermom, your photos are fantastic, good on you 🙂

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