The Great Fabric Stash Challenge – Are You Ready?

Well I have set myself a challenge……the first rule of which shall be:

Thou shalt not purchase fabric for 12 months.Β 

Since I started sewing again 12 months ago (I had not sewn since high school which has been quite a while πŸ˜‰ ) I have managed to amass a ridiculous amount of material in that time.

In the beginning the purchases started as normal ie. find a pattern buy the amount of fabric required and proceed to start project. But somehow, we slip from the straightforward project purchase into the “OMG I LOVE that fabric – I don’t know what would make with that, but gee I just can’t leave without getting some” or even worse ” I can’t believe how cheap that fabric is – I would be crazy to pass that such a bargain”. In this case it inevitably leads to you going to the counter and muttering the words “Just give me whats left on the roll!”.

I have recently been bed/couch bound for the last 3 weeks due to operations on both feet and thus had been contemplating my ever growing stash of fabric and wondering where I could store (hide!) it. There is no more room room for tubs under my bed. There is a stack of storage tubs hidden behind one of the chairs in our lounge room……things were getting dire!

So I have resolved to challenge myself to use as much of my fabric as I can within the next 12 months. So I began the task of sorting out fabric and patterns.

1. First I looked at my patterns and worked out how much fabric was required for each and put them into bundles of 1-2 metres, 2-3 metres etc.

2. Then I measured and tagged each piece of fabric. I marked on my kitchen table with painter tape 0.5 and 1 metre so I could sit and measure each piece.

Then I wrote on the painters tape the size of the piece of fabric and stuck it to the fabric.

Some of my lovely Joel Dewberry fabric!

3. Then I organised the pieces into piles of 1 metre or less, 1-2 metres, 2-3 metres, 3-4 metres and 4-5+ metres and put them into storage tubs.

Just a sample of the stash!!

Finally organised – with an awful lot of fabric crammed into them!

So what now?



1. No fabric purchases as described earlier.

2. Lining material, interfacing or notions (buttons, zippers etc) may be purchased.


I plan to use up some of the larger fabric pieces first – Β I already have some Vintage Vogue patterns lined up for them….


So this is just a sneak peak at my stash and plans.

Feel free to join my challenge and email me pics and Β details of your stash projects so we can make a dent in the stash!








  1. Hi Kate, hmm forgot you can’t directly on here – just email me at nifty and I’ll share it on here πŸ™‚

  2. I’m full of admiration for a woman who can buy so much and do absolutely nothing with it. I used to be the same with sketch books and stationary. Unfortunately I don’t possess such a stash of fabric. I tend to only buy what I need for a particular dress and then only a max of 1 metre, I like to make things difficult for myself. Good luck with your challenge, you’re lucky that you have that much to play with !

  3. I can totally relate. The difference is – my sewing skills don’t stretch beyond straight lines 😦 . So the fabric is destined to stay in the cupboard and be admired only occasionally. Ah well. Maybe one day I’ll get grandma’s sewing machine out of storage and take a sewing class. πŸ™‚

  4. I can’t join you on this one – but, I have a valid reason. I may readily collect and hoard fabric but I also use a LOT in my small business!! So much so that I can tell you that the Joel Dewberry fabric you have is actually Lotus by Amy Butler. Scary isn’t it?!? Buying fabric online is like having a little holiday – I get so much joy, relaxation and motivation out of it – how sad is that?!?

    Those vintage patterns you have are absolutely divine!! Can’t wait to see them made up πŸ™‚

    • Kate – you are def right – it IS Amy Butler! stupid me – I think I was in fabric overload today!!
      Although you can’t join in the challenge would love to see your favourite fabric & pattern you have made with it if you would like – I love seeing other peoples work! πŸ˜€

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