To Blog or Not To Blog – That Is The Question

Some of you may know that my husband has recently returned from almost 8 months overseas and as such I had become a blogging and Facebook recluse during this time to allow some well needed and earned family time.

I also had an self imposed month off the internet, especially Facebook, as I was attending a mindfulness in parenting and relationships course run by the amazing Dr Diana Korevaar from Nutured Families. When trying to figure out when I was actually going to find time in my day to devote to meditation I figured that if I gave up the internet my “me” time would dramatically increase and no surprise I was right!

This self imposed internet exile was fantastic and the lack of 24/7  “connection” with the world was quite a novelty. The result has been since my month off expired I have severely limited my time on Facebook, maybe checking it every couple of days and I also thought about giving up this blog all together. I was lucky enough to have coffee with my lovely friend Helen McLean, of Helen McLean Glamour & Vintage Portrait Photography, the other week and we discussed the pros and cons of blogging. Long story short, I decided to maintain this blog but not get hung up on deadlines or “having” to do it. Do it for the joy of sharing my passions and adventures and for no reason other than that.

So thanks to Helen I will be sharing my most recent sewing and knitting adventures….

Kiera wearing her Cinderella Cat book day outfit, her Black Cat Cloche Hat and her Italian inspired cape….

Finished baby jumper for Otto (modelled in photo below!!) and my Vanadium cardiagan which is my current work in progress.

as well as some amazing Paleo cooking blogs, books and apps and a few other things along the way!



  1. You rock!

  2. Glad you are staying around and continuing to blog.

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