Nifty Product – Simply Delightful Liners

I was first introduced to these nifty liners by my friend Jessie – she was ordering a couple to try out and she asked if I wanted to give them a go. We had both recently purchased Thermomixs and were in a frenzy of baking – testing out bread, biscuit and cake recipes.

I loved making my own bread but hated having to line tins etc so I thought I would give a loaf tin liner a go as well as some baking sheets for my trays.

Loaf tin liner

Baking sheet

 Well, they are absolutely fantastic! Super easy to use, and use over and over again (unless of course your mother comes to stay and throws it in the bin cause she doesn’t realise it’s reusable!!)

They are reasonably priced too – the loaf tin was about $7 and the tray liner about $16. I recently purchased some muffin/cupcake liners, which I have yet to use, but am looking forward to not having to prise muffins out of a tin!

 Muffin/cupcake liners

Another great thing this company sell are these nifty things….toaster bags!!!!

My sister had some when I visited her last and they were great. Just make your sandwich, pop them in the bag and then put them in the toaster! Hey presto, toasted sandwiches with out the mess of cooking them in a sandwich press!

I highly recommend these products and the site They also have have liners for BBQs, oven grill trays, electric frypans and more.

So if you want less mess when cooking why not check this site out!



  1. Interesting recommendation, thanks for sharing! =)

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