The Last Days of Nifty Mums Network

When I started Nifty Mums Network (NMN) in August 2010 I started it as a small intimate group where I could share tips, products and other “mum” stuff with my friends. As a military wife I don’t have family support where I live so Facebook and NMN became my lifeline to ask another mums for help or share the knowledge amongst ourselves. NMN was also born out of my battle with Post Natal Depression (PND) and the realisation that so many mums were out there suffering in silence, feeling like they were the only ones to be afflicted with this terrible illness.

So almost 2 years later and almost 7000 members it is a little overwhelming for me to see how far this group has come and I feel blessed to have made so many amazing friends, business contacts and been given opportunities that I would never imagined possible. By starting this page it has aided in my recovery from PND and for that I am very grateful also.

BUT…..making sure the page is functioning properly, reposting questions, making sure that everyone is “playing nicely” and more has become quite a task and a lot of work for just one person. I am extremely grateful to a number of members that have backed me up, taking over the reigns whilst I have been away on holidays or on a “break” but as volunteers this can become tedious over time and I do not want to burden anyone with these tasks.

Apart from this, I have been a single parent of 2 small children for the last  7 months whilst my husband has been away on a military deployment. With his return there will be huge adjustments to family life and my focus must be firmly on my family whilst this happens.

So as a result NMN page will be closed down and deleted as of next Wednesday, the 13th June so that I can concentrate of my family and on my continued recovery from PND.

I am well aware that it is a place many mums come to ask questions and ask for help. I have thought about handing the page over to someone else to run but I am not keen to do this as the NMN name is a registered business name and I need to protect it as a brand for future use if need be. So I am happy if someone/or a group of mums wish to create a page in a similar format to NMN so that there may still be a place where you can ask the questions that you as mums need the answers to.

I will continue to share my thoughts, tips, nifty products and more on this blog, which will allow me an outlet to share things that I think are important and may be of benefit to others. In doing this it allows me to do it in a timeframe that will suit me.

I would sincerely like to thank all of you for being such wonderful, positive members of the NMN page. It has been an amazing experience, one which has changed me for the better I am sure.

Love and many thanks,



  1. Oh thats sad to hear Linda-it was a fantastic site- just like a massive mums group! Well done on establishing such a great place for people to get advice and support, im sure it helped many many people, good on u and all the best xx

  2. Good luck Linda with everything. You have helped many people with your page, but have made a wise decision. I wish you well. NMN was a great source for me when my girl was younger, and I am sure it will be missed.

  3. Jessamy says:

    Linda, wishing you and you family all the very best, As a fellow military wife I am familiar with the temporary single mother status and the reuniting process that follows, it really does take all your energy and focus. Thank you for all that you have given us, enjoy your family xx

  4. Linda, thank you so much for NMN. It certainly helped me through the peak of my PND last year. Your kind words got me through each day and I will always appreciate that. From me to you, thank you 🙂

  5. Linda, you have done an amazing job with NMN over the past 2 years. I am so thankful for the NMN page as it has connected me with so many other suffers of PND and I have made some wonderful friends as a result (including you). I completely understand your decision to close the page and focus on your family. Family is the most important thing in our lives and we must cherish every moment with them. Love you.

  6. So sad to hear you go! I wish you and your family all the best for the future. It was wonderful to have met you. Take Care and god bless xx

  7. Good luck with the next chapter in your life and thanks for helping raise awareness of postnatal depression. You’ve help connect isolated mums and been an inspiration to many. All the best with the blog.

  8. That is really sad to hear, especially due to the popular nature of your page, I have certainly enjoyed reading the information posted by you to help other mums, I do, however congratulate you on your decision to look after you and your family, it is so hard to balance it all xx

  9. So sad to hear that you’re closing down Linda 😦 Congratulations on creating a truly wonderful page where mums can come together to help and support each other. I haven’t always posted comments but have always liked to hear what issues other mums are having and the help offered by other readers, it certainly makes you feel less alone.
    I also suffered from PND with my first and have no other immediate family around to rely on for support after losing my mother last year. I am lucky however to have a wonderful husband.
    You are a true inspiration, setting up and running this page while you’re doing it tough raising your little ones while your hubby is overseas!
    I truly hope you enjoy your lovely family now that your special man is coming home! All the very best to you, and again, thank you!

  10. Sending you/your family love & best wishes for the future. You have helped alot of people & now its time to enjoy your entire family when your husband returns.

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