Time Capsule – Keeping Your Memories Secure

In this digital age, the idea of losing my digital pics of my children, holidays, special moments etc. is never far from my mind……especially as I am kind of a little naughty when it comes to backing up my computer! I honestly can’t remember the last time I did it…can you????

Some of you may know that my husband is in the military. He was deployed a couple of years ago overseas for six months and just before he went we uploaded hundreds of photos of our daughter, new house and more for him to take with him on his new laptop. A few weeks into the trip the unthinkable happened…. his laptop died and he lost everything on it’s hard drive. We were both devastated and frustrated. This taught us a valuable lesson about storing such special things…..so I have been searching for a way to avoid this happening again.

Recently I discovered Time Capsule on the Mamma Mia website.

It takes your  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr feeds and any photos that you want to upload onto it and stores it chronological order for you to scroll through anytime you choose. Hence, by storing it this way, no matter where my husband or I am, as long as we have access to a computer we can see and share our photos, so no more worrying about computers crashing!

So here’s what my Time Capsule feed looks like….I cast my mind back to my family photo shoot with MyLife Portraits in November 2011 and there they were!!

So it shows you about 5 days at a time in one screen and  by heading to the bottom of the page you can quickly scroll through your timeline to find whatever date you like!

So head over to Time Capsule on Mamma Mia’s site and see what your memories look like – safe and secure in one great place!


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