Sewing To Save My Sanity – Patching Jeans

My sewing has been on the back burner a little lately but I have a number of projects that I need to do this week:

  • make a pencil roll for a little girl’s birthday present,
  • make a soft toy for a new baby,
  • and a little present for a new mum!

My little project for this week was to patch a pair of jeans for a friends little boy. She had picked this pair of Esprit jeans up from an op shop for a couple of dollars but the knees were worn through.

But rather than just patching and leaving them as is, I decided to try a little appliqué to hide the patches.

These jeans were only a size 4, so quite tight to sew – so I partially unpicked one side of each leg so I could open it out to allow me to space to sew.

I have never patched jeans myself, but had watched my mum patch pairs of my dads trousers with the iron on patches. I didn’t have any of this so I got some remnant denim material and applied some of the double sided appliqué paper to it, overlocked a pice to fit generously over the area and then ironed it on.

Once this was done I used a zig zag stitch on my sewing machine to zig zag over the frayed area to bring it together and to stop further fraying.

I then cut out my appliques leave approx 1cm extra around the shape, then ironed onto the fabric and then cut out the piece actual size. But doing it this way it is much easier to cut out the shape as the material is more rigid.

I then ironed them in place and using a tight zig zag stitch I stitched them around the edges.

This was the finished result….not too bad…I am very new to appliqué and this is really only my second attempt but I think it turned out ok! (I really could have done a better job of the beetle, I did that one first!!, by the time I got around to the plane I had improved my technique somewhat!!)

If anyone would like pics of the process please let me know. I was in a hurry to do these so I didn’t take step by step pics, but I have another pair of pants to do in the near future so I can do with these if need be!



  1. Clever ! Love it.

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