Sanity Tuesday – Food, Laughs and Sharing Troubles

At my place Tuesday is my favourite day of the week and it is affectionately known to myself and my friends as “Sanity Tuesday”.

Each Tuesday I open my house to any of my friends that have children who just want to get out, let the kids run about in a safe environment and have some adult conversation. I started this several months ago as a way of staying connected with the “outside” world whilst my husband was away. I found it difficult to schedule in visiting friends between school run, work etc so I decided to invite them to come to my house.

On Tuesdays there can be between 4 and 12 children at my place – the babycinos flow freely for the children and the “kick arse” coffee freely for us sleep deprived mums. We each provide a plate of something or even just an extra litre of milk and the usual routine is that the kids eat lunch together and then they have quite time and a movie whilst the mums enjoy hopefully an uninterrupted meal!

But it’s just not about seeking out strong caffeine and getting out of the house. It’s a time where we can talk about the stuff that is consuming our heads and our hearts. Many of us have suffered from either PND or anxiety at some time in our lives. We are each others sounding boards, spilling our proverbial “guts” to try and work through our “shit” and come up with strategies to deal with the slings and arrows of motherhood.

Today I shared a new book that I have just started reading called Momma Zen and shared some particularly relevant and truthful passages out of the book. The conversation then turned to the next book that everyone except me had seemed to have heard of 50 Shades of Gray. After watching the following clip on Youtube we frantically started downloading the book on our iPads, each of us erupting into shreaks of laughter as we each read excerpts from the novel.

I should probably feel a little embarrassed at sharing that! Oh well 🙂

Anyway…the remainder of the day was spent making a batch of pumpkin soup for one of our mums, me making a “mercy” dash with my friends 9 month old in tow, whom we were babysitting whilst mum was at an appointment, to another Melbourne suburb to take my hand massager (the BEST thing to treat mastitis), me drafting a little girls dress pattern and cutting it out for another mum and the usual refereeing of kids.

So I am looking forward to next Tuesday already….. the laughter, the tantrums (the children’s not ours!), the lively conversation :P, and above all spending time with women who understand me and know how to bring a smile to my face!


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