Off to Work – Thrifty Fashion

Well it was off to work today for me, I work casually as a sonographer (ultrasound!) so I don’t have a work uniform as such. So today I put together a few of my favourite bargain buys from the last couple of op shop & second hand fashion fairs.

So these are the pieces that I have loved wearing today…

Brown Leather Boots

I picked these up at the Take 2 Markets in Geelong a couple of months ago…perfect fit, in almost brand new condition….a bargain at $50!

Innovare Cardigan

This is 100% WOOL and it is lovely to wear. I picked it up at Savers in Footscray for a big $6!

Wool Skirt

This skirt is vintage 100% Scottish wool and is SO warm. I picked this up from Savers also for $5!


So a grand total of $62 I have a super warm and comfy outfit…and this is how it looked all together (plus my dog Ellie in the background!!)



  1. Love the pink cardigan! ^^

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