Thrifty Finds – Fashion on a Budget

I have never been known for my sense of style or fashion and admittedly I have struggled to find a “style” that suited my personality and that I felt comfortable in.

Coming from a small country town and from a family where finances were tight I was often dressed in hand me downs (sometimes from my mums friends son!!) or “pre-loved” items. Living on a farm I lived in jeans and my attire was more “tom boy” than little girl. As I got older and left home I tried different looks to try and “fit in” whilst at university but I never felt that anything really suited me and because of my upbringing I shunned opportunity(op) shops or pre-loved clothes.

However the last 6 months has seen me rediscover the world of second hand clothes, especially those with a vintage feel to them. I am very picky with my purchases and look for good quality, well made articles that will last.

So although I am no fashionista I have decided to share a few of my finds and where I purchased them so you may also be able to find something that suits your taste AND budget.

So today this is what I am wearing…(sorry about the photo quality!)

I LOVE this skirt. It is Ralph Lauren and has the most amazing panels in it and cute pockets on the sides. I picked this up for $39 from Diamond Dog Vintage in Seddon, Melbourne.

The 3/4 cardigan I picked up from Savers in Brunswick, Melbourne for $5.

So for the grand sum of $44 I have a great outfit that I love to wear!

Would love to hear about your favourite bargain buy and where you got it!


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