Sewing Knit/Stretch Fabric

I have to admit I have never sewn with knit/stretch fabric before now. It is not because I had any great fear of it, rather I have just not needed to up until this point.

I am making a maternity dress for a good friend of mine and course this calls for stretch fabric.

I have been trawling the net for tips and tutorials and I stumbled across this one which I thought was really good and I thought I would share it with you all in case you were thinking about attempting a stretch fabric project.


If you have any tips for sewing with knit/stretch fabric I would love to hear them.



  1. Thanks so much Nicole x

  2. Awesome tutorial for working with knits Linda! Here are some other tip for u. If you have a 4 thread over locker, you can often use this to sew and overlock your seams in one go. The over locker stitch will stretch. Do a test piece first as you may have to adjust your tension so it doesn’t pull the fabric and buckle it as you overlock.

    For a professional looking hem, use a double needle which will sew 2 straight lines on top and one zigzag line underneath which makes it stretchy. This is what you see on the bottom of tshirts. Your sewing machine manual will show you how to set up a double needle.

    Necklines can be super tricky on stretchy fabric. Use a facing method, stretch binding or ribbing.

    Can’t wait to see the maternity dress!

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