Sewing – My Treatment for Post Natal Depression

Recently I spoke with my family counsellor and she asked what I had been doing. I told her I had recently started sewing again after buying a sewing machine to fix my daughter’s skirt.

I hadn’t sewn since high school, which was quite a while ago :O….. but after I had fixed the skirt I realised how much I loved sewing and how much I LOVED fabric. Since then it has been one project after another and at time several projects at once, at present I am making a dress, making maternity clothes for a friend and trying to alter some gorgeous retro jeans!

The great thing was the counsellor was thrilled and said that there was research showing that by doing something like sewing where you focus on one thing doing a manual task using your hands forces you to use a part of the brain which helps counteract depressive thoughts etc…. I have also embraced my love of retro/vintage clothing and these have featured heavily in my projects. So here is a little snippet of projects so far….

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  1. Thanks Sarah ❤

  2. documentingchaos says:

    Great post Linda – sewing has been a great help for me too 🙂
    Sarah xx

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