Chemical Free Oven Cleaning

Want to clean the oven without needing a gas mask??

Well, here’s how to do it…


You will need:

1.       Bi Carbonate of Soda (I put mine in a chocolate shaker so I can sprinkle it)

2.       A spray bottle with vinegar in it (type of vinegar doesn’t matter)

3.       Coarse cooking Salt

4.       Oven safe bowl

5.       Cloths

How to:

1.       Pre warm your oven on a low setting for 10-15 minutes then turn off.

2.       Fill the oven safe bowl with boiling water and put inside the oven & shut the door. Leave inside for 10-20 minutes so the steam loosens any baked on food etc.

3.       Remove bowl & sprinkle bi carb onto the surfaces of the oven  – for areas that have baked on food pour some salt on the area

4.       Spray on the vinegar & leave to bubble for a few minutes.

5.       Then wipe the surfaces with a cloth – you may need extra bi carb & salt on areas that are tough.

6.       Then wipe out with a clean damp cloth

This also works well on the glass of the oven if that needs a clean as well!

For oven racks – place them in the laundry trough & cover with boiling water – add ½-1 cup of bicarb – this will soften any build up. Leave to sit for an hour or so – then put some more bi carb & salt on a cloth & wipe clean.




  1. No problem Chrissie 🙂

  2. Chrissie Cahill says:

    Cheers Linda, really helpful 🙂

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